Patient-Centered Technologies

Patient-Centered Technologies

Patient-Centered Technologies

Although health care professionals play a significant role in health outcomes,  the day-to-day management of a patient’s health is also a personal  responsibility. Physicians and nurses can provide diagnoses,  interventions, treatments, and prescriptions, but they will only have an  impact if patients follow through with their health care provider’s  recommendations.

The  advent of diverse health-related technologies is providing  unprecedented opportunities to assist patients in maintaining control of  their health.  Consider for a moment health and fitness mobile apps,  talking pill bottles, and smart apartments. New patient-centered  technologies are being developed every day!

For  this Assignment, you will select a health-related mobile app, personal  health record, smart technology, or an interactive social media site  that is helping patients to better manage their health.

Note: For  the purposes of this assignment, a “mobile app” is defined as a  technology application that can be viewed, played, and stored on  smartphone devices and tablets.

To prepare:

  • Reflect  on the various patient-centered technologies that you or others may  use, as well as those gaining attention in the media.
  • Conduct research on patient-centered technologies that assist users in managing their own health.
  • Select  one technology category such as apps, personal health records, smart  technologies, or interactive social media sites to further explore.  Examine the parameters of a specific patient-centered technology within  this category. How does this technology put patients in control of their  health?

To complete:

Submit a  1-page paper that addresses the following:

  • Identify  the patient-centered technology that you selected, as well as the  population of patients for whom this technology is designed.
  • Describe  how this technology is tailored toward patient use. Specifically,  explain how the features, functions, and design can help patients manage  their own health.
  • Explain the risks and benefits this technology might bring to users.
  • Predict  the impact this technology might have on patient health outcomes. Be  sure to support your work with specific citations from the Learning  Resources and any additional sources.

Note: If  you choose to select an interactive social media site, text- or  article-based websites such as WebMD or may not be selected.  For the purposes of this course, interactive social media is defined as a  digital technology that allows users to manipulate, interact with,  and/or engage with other users. Ensure that if you choose an interactive  social media site, it adheres to this rule.

What are Patient Centred Technologies?

Patient-centered technologies are tools and applications designed to empower patients and improve their engagement in their own healthcare. These technologies focus on placing the patient at the center of the healthcare experience and enabling them to be more involved in their care.

Some examples of patient-centered technologies include:

  1. Patient portals: These secure online platforms allow patients to access their medical records, communicate with their healthcare providers, schedule appointments, and manage their healthcare from the comfort of their own homes.
  2. Wearable devices: These devices, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers, allow patients to monitor their health metrics, such as heart rate and activity level, and share this information with their healthcare providers to inform their care.
  3. Telehealth: This technology enables patients to receive healthcare services remotely, such as through video conferencing or phone consultations, allowing for greater accessibility and convenience.
  4. Mobile applications: There are a variety of mobile applications designed to support patient self-management and engagement, such as apps for tracking medication adherence, managing chronic conditions, and accessing health education resources.

Patient-centered technologies can help to improve patient outcomes, enhance patient satisfaction, and increase efficiency in the healthcare system. By placing the patient at the center of their care and providing them with the tools and information they need to manage their health, these technologies can help to create a more patient-centered and personalized healthcare experience.

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